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Lismore Solar Installers

Investing in a solar system for your home or business? ProSolar provides solar installations and maintenance for clients across Lismore and the surrounding area. We install and maintain all types of residential and commercial solar systems including grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid systems. 

Our team are fully licensed, qualified and accredited solar installers (Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Designer and Installer) with a high-level of technical knowledge and decades of experience in solar and electrical. 

We work only with trusted brands and use only quality parts and equipment to ensure your solar is installed correctly and safely and in compliance with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018. A 10-year workmanship warranty is provided on all solar and battery system installations. A Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) is provided on completion of every job. 

ProSolar is an Australian-owned and operated business based close by, in Bexhill. We’re trustworthy, dependable and passionate about looking after our community and providing a personalised, local customer experience. Call our friendly team today on (02) 7912 0760 to book your solar installation, arrange a quote or for some expert advice on all things solar!  

NSW Contractor Licence 354414C (A-Grade electrician)

Lismore solar services

ProSolar is your local go-to expert for solar system design, installation, maintenance and repair services in Lismore. We install both single and 3-phase solar systems for all types of homes and commercial premises including small-scale domestic, medium and larger-scale systems.

We use only trusted brands of solar panels, batteries and inverters with high-quality appliances, parts and accessories that have a proven track record for reliability, durability, and performance.

Solar power Lismore

Installing a new solar system for your home or business provides many benefits, including:

  • Reduced power bills: Monitor your solar generation and tailor your usage to maximise savings 
  • Going green: Reduce your footprint. Solar is clean, renewable energy! 
  • Independence from the grid: Protection from untimely blackouts
  • Save money: Lowered bills, minimal maintenance and government rebates are available
  • Increased property value: Homes with solar systems are desirable for potential buyers

We proudly design and install all types of solar systems… solar is our thing! 

Grid-connected solar Lismore

Grid-connected solar systems provide access to both solar power and grid power. Free solar power can be accessed during the day (as it is generated) with the excess fed back into the grid. When there is no sun (at night), the system reverts to sourcing grid-generated power. Maximised savings are obtained by timing your power usage to daytime where possible, with minimal usage at night. This is a good option for businesses that operate during the day, with minimal power usage at night. The main components are solar panels and an inverter unit. 

Solar battery system-9.8kWh Lismore Australian Redback 3 Phase by ProSolar Australia
Solar battery system 9.8kWh Lismore, Australian Redback 3 Phase by ProSolar Australia

Hybrid solar Lismore

A hybrid solar system is a grid-connected system, with added battery storage. A solar battery can fully power your home and provide backup power when needed by storing unused excess solar power generated during the day, so it can be used at night. Solar power can be captured and used at peak times so there is less reliance (if any) on the grid, with access to grid-generated power if needed. The main components are solar panels, an inverter and solar battery. 

Off-grid solar Lismore

An off-grid solar system is a hybrid solar-system, without connection to grid-generated power. It offers complete independence from the grid (no more bills or blackouts!). An off-grid solar system can be a more affordable option for those in remote locations who are distanced from mains power and a desirable option for those living a self-sufficient off-grid lifestyle. The main components are solar panels, an inverter and solar battery – sometimes installed with a backup generator as well.

Expert solar design and installation 

As experienced, qualified and accredited solar installers, we understand the key design and customisation components that provide maximum performance and output in modern solar systems. There are many factors that impact the efficiency of your system and how much solar it generates:

  • Size and amount of solar panels
  • Positioning and angles (tiliting) of the solar panels
  • Surrounding trees/shade/obstacles
  • The path/direction of the sun 

Our technicians will inspect your premises (including the exterior, surrounding environment and your switchboard) and chat with you about your power consumption (how much you consume and how/when you use it) so we can design the best system for you based on your preferences and lifestyle. 

Solar panel installation Lismore

Home solar systems utilise photovoltaic solar panels which contain ‘PV cells’ that generate DC power (from direct, indirect and reflected sunlight), then send it to the system’s inverter to convert it to AC power (household power). A solar system consisting of 15-18 solar panels is normal for a typical home solar installation.

Depending on your home (or commercial premises) we may install your solar panels on your roof (most common), on a wall or on the ground (frame-mounted). Solar panels can be installed on a variety of roof types, including terracotta tiles and corrugated roofs.

Solar battery installation Lismore

Our team can help determine the best solar battery for your power needs, your solar system and your budget. We can also upgrade your existing solar system to include a new solar battery (or solar batteries – should multiple batteries be required). Solar batteries are best mounted on a wall, indoors (such as inside your garage). If mounted outside, they must be adequately protected from the weather. 

There are many types of solar batteries available including the traditional lead-acid solar batteries and the newer and most popular lithium-ion batteries (including Tesla Powerwall). Other newer types include sodium nickel chloride solar batteries and ‘flow’ solar batteries (zinc-bromide). The newer technologies are less bulky, may offer a better price point/warranty period and varying environmental and safety benefits. 

Solar repairs and maintenance

Have your solar system repaired and maintained by the experts at ProSolar. We service all new and existing solar systems in the Lismore area.

  • Solar panel repairs and replacement
  • Solar system testing for performance/efficiency
  • Specialist solar panel cleaning
  • Safety and compliance inspections
  • Troubleshooting errors

It pays to keep your solar system protected, well-adjusted and error free to maintain the best power output and preserve its lifespan. Although they are low maintenance, some components can deteriorate over time due to dirt/debris, weather exposure and wear and tear. We recommend having your solar system checked annually. 

Lower your bills with online monitoring

Our team can set up online monitoring for your new solar system so you can manage, measure and control your own power usage using an app (system setup and model dependent). See the output of your solar panels and monitor and fine-tune your usage patterns to get the most out of your solar. Alternate between solar and grid-generated power during on/off-peak times when feed-in tariffs (electricity bill credits) are higher for even more savings! 

Commercial solar Lismore

Commercial and industrial businesses can reduce their electricity costs by installing a commercial solar system – especially those that operate at night. Call our team today to discuss how a custom-designed commercial solar system can help your business. 

Lismore solar specialists

As a qualified, licensed contractor, we understand the current electrical and safety regulations, compliance rules and environmental requirements applicable to design and install solar systems correctly and safely.

  • NSW Contractor Licence 354414C (A-Grade electrician)
  • Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) provided
  • Compliant with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018
  • New Energy Tech Approved Seller
  • Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer and Installer
  • Soltaro Approved Retailer and Installer
  • 10-year workmanship warranty on all solar and battery systems
  • SolarQuotes Silver-Rated Supplier
  • Public Liability Insurance

Note: Clean Energy Council is the authority for the clean energy industry in Australia.  

All installations by ProSolar are compliant with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018, Electrical Installations. ProSolar is fully insured and a Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) is provided for every job.

Live in Lismore?

Based in Bexhill, we service all suburbs of Lismore:

  • Booerie Creek
  • East Lismore
  • Girards Hill
  • Goonellabah
  • Howards Grass
  • Lagoon Grass
  • Lismore
  • Lismore Heights
  • Loftville
  • Monaltrie
  • North Lismore
  • South Lismore
  • Tuncester

We also travel to the surrounding towns of Lismore. View our full service area.

Looking after Lismore locals

ProSolar is an Australian-owned and operated business and our team has decades of experience and technical expertise in solar and electrical. We’re passionate about taking care of locals and love being involved with the community. It’s our priority to support clients from start to finish with a personalised customer experience and a friendly, reliable and efficient service.

Lismore solar review
Lismore solar system installation customer review – ProSolar Australia

Call us now

New to solar? We will help you with the transition! Chat with our experts today for some valuable advice on ways to lower your electricity bills with solar.

Contact ProSolar today on (02) 7912 0760 to organise a quote, book your installation or for some local, expert advice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do solar EV charger installation? 

Yes we do! If you’re installing a new solar system we can certainly incorporate an EV charger installation so you can safely charge your EV with solar. We can also incorporate an EV charger installation into an existing solar system. There are many EV chargers that are specifically designed for solar system integration. Chat with our team about a solar EV charger integration today.

Can I use solar power at night?

Incorporating a solar battery into your solar system allows you to store excess solar power generated during the day, so you can use it at night. You cannot use solar power at night without a solar battery.

How long does solar panel installation take?

Solar system installation (for an average-sized family home) can be completed in around a day. 

Do I need a permit for solar panel installation?

If there are easements or items of historical significance (such as trees) potentially impacted by your installation we will flag this with you, as a permit may be required prior to installation.   

Do solar panels still work in bad weather?

Solar panels generate the most power in direct sun. They will still work in shade and poor weather (heavy fog, cloudy, rain), but the power output is less. 

What Australian Standards apply for solar panel installation Lismore?

ProSolar will install, upgrade, repair and maintain your solar system in compliance with the Australian Standards in place for solar system and solar battery installation (AS 4509, AS/NZS 5033 and AS/NZS 5139:2019)

Trust ProSolar

48 reviews on
Justina Edwards
Justina Edwards
The team were incredibly helpful and quick to respond with any queries. They made what seemed like a daunting process very smooth and easy! We are so happy we picked ProSolar with our solar panel installation.
Luke Atkinson
Luke Atkinson
ProSolar were professional and efficient throughout from quotes to complete installation. I would highly recommend them.
Andrew “Datfish” Smith
Andrew “Datfish” Smith
Early days but I have to say the service from Pro Solar on the supply and installation of a 10.56 KW system for my new build has been very good indeed. Prompt, Professional and Personable . Very happy ! to get the house completed! ;)
Greg Cooke
Greg Cooke
A great experience! Knowledgeable and friendly. Competitive. Installation team were a great group of blokes. Hey explained the ins and outs of the system in operation and since then the system has performed flawlessly. Highly recommended!
Louise Carmichael
Louise Carmichael
Pro solar have been a very easy and supportive company to work with. Highly recommended.
Kim Ward
Kim Ward
These people were awesome! Friendly, Efficient, on time and nothing was to much trouble. Big thank you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone especially family and friends! Well done and thanks. Kim and John
Giovanni Cordeiro
Giovanni Cordeiro
ProSolar have been a very easy and accommodating company to work with, right from the sales to the installation and after sales service. Their quote and advice was fair, according to our needs and without any up-selling. Friendly and easy to communicate with, it made them a lot easier to trust. Everything happened quickly once we accepted their quote – there was no mucking around with timings and we were really impressed with how smoothly things went. They also made sure you didn’t feel abandoned once the system was installed. We had a minor software glitch (that didn’t affect production or feed in) with the inverter and they worked hard at getting it resolved remotely with the manufacturer. You can feel confident and comfortable that they will do the right thing by their clients.
Kate Moloney
Kate Moloney
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan
Great team and friendly service!
Alison Apps
Alison Apps
So happy with my new solar system. Just got my first electricity bill $34.58 compared to the $571 pre solar. Highly recommend this very professional friendly local company. Thank you ProSolar

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