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EV Chargers

EV charger installation and repair

We don’t just do solar. We’re also here to help you charge your EV! 

ProSolar provides quality EV charger installations to suit your EV, your home and your budget.

Our team members are licensed, qualified installers with high-level workmanship, technical knowledge and experience with many products on the market. We work only with trusted brands, quality parts and the right equipment to ensure your EV charging station is installed correctly and safely.  

Genuinely passionate about what we do, we place a high focus on customer care throughout every step of our service while maintaining streamlined efficient processes and quality, well-built installations (tailored to suit you!). We’re also reliable, trustworthy and dependable. 

ProSolar is fully insured and a Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) is provided for every job. We service the north coast of the Northern Rivers region and beyond, as far as the south end of the Gold Coast.

Call our friendly team today on (02) 7912 0760 for some expert advice, to book your installation or to organise a quote

Contractor Licence 354414C.

Why a home EV charger? 

Standard EV charging cables (supplied with some EVs), plug into your standard home power-point, but provide minimal charge at a very slow pace (your EV won’t fully charge overnight). A home EV charger installation gives you the flexibility and convenience to charge your EV faster, at home. Charge while you’re at work or overnight – no need to waste time and pay for fast charging at other locations. 

An EV charger installation will also increase the value of your home as the range of EVs on the market increases and ownership becomes more and more popular. Some states in Australia have already announced timeframes for banning the sale of petrol-powered cars as part of environmental strategies to reduce emissions.

About EV chargers

There are many brands and types of EV chargers on the market with varying technical and user features. Our team is always happy to take you through what’s available so you can understand the options and what might be practical for your needs.

  • Single/three-phase: Single-phase EV chargers are small-scale chargers, best-suited for domestic use. Three-phase EV chargers (for high-powered faster charging) are best suited to large homes and commercial use. See more detail below.
  • Load balancing: This important feature automatically adjusts the output rate during peak usage times to protect your home electricity system (helps prevent tripping and circuit overload).
  • Mounting: EV chargers can be mounted indoors or outdoors, depending on the model. Options include pole-mounted, wall-mounted and floor-standing.
  • Single or dual-output: You may choose dual output if there is more than one EV in your family.

Other handy user/safety features to look for include varying cable lengths, charging indicators, status lights, emergency stop and theft prevention mechanisms.

Smart EV chargers

EV chargers are pretty tech savvy! ‘Smart’ EV chargers allow you to connect using wifi and control the charger remotely using an app on your phone. This is a great way to monitor your charging and reduce charging costs by scheduling on/off peak charging. Great if you have solar installed! 

Single phase EV charger installation

Small-scale chargers are great for overnight or all-day charging and are best-suited for domestic purposes, fleet vehicles and hotels. 1 hour of charge provides around 50 kms driving time. 

Three-phase EV charger installation

Three-phase EV chargers draw more power and provide ‘fast charging’. They are best suited for commercial charging stations, with the ability to charge an EV in under 30 minutes. They can also be installed at larger high-powered homes or properties that use three-phase power. 

Some models accommodate management software with features such as monetisation, user profiles/access cards and the ability to view data for each profile. ProSolar can also provide your Commercial EV Charger Installation. Chat to our team today.

Choosing your home EV charger

We’ll help you select the best EV charger model based on the features you need and suggest an installation and mounting option that suits your home, your EV and your charging needs. A few things to consider: 

  • Your EV (make/model, size)
  • Your lifestyle (when do you use your EV the most?)
  • How long will you charge? (overnight, short charges)
  • At what times will you charge? (daytime, night time, peak/off peak)
  • What features would you prefer?

Consider your lifestyle and regular habits, work and social commitments including the daily commute to work, school runs, gym or family visits and the timing and frequencies that these happen. It may sound detailed, but taking the time to choose the right EV charger with design features that suit your usage patterns can make all the difference when it comes to performance, convenience and energy savings. 

Mounting and location

You may already have a mounting location in mind, based on where you park your EV. Depending on your home electricity system, driveway/garage setup and the model selected, your EV charger installation can be inside or outside. Common locations are under a carport, along a wall inside the garage, or in a driveway. 

Your EV charger should be protected from hard knocks (e.g. garage doors, trees), debris (e.g. leaves) and exposure to extreme weather. Space for other cars which may need to move in/out of the property while your EV is charging should also be considered. 

EV charger installation

An EV charger is a hard-wired electrical appliance, which by law, must be installed by a licensed contractor. 

Our qualified, licensed installers will ensure that your new EV charger is installed in a safe, practical, user-friendly location that protects you, your EV and maximises the life of your EV charger. 

Pre-installation and assessment

Our team will check your home electrical system to ensure that it can accommodate the new appliance without impacting its capacity to power your home safely, without risk of damage or dangerous faults. Some electrical systems (particularly in older homes) may require minor wiring or switchboard upgrades for compliance reasons. Your EV charger needs to be able to perform and function at its best.  

Chat with our team today for our expert advice and assessment on the best-suited EV charger set-up for you and your home, including:

  • The best-suited EV charger based on your usage style and frequency, the features you need and your budget
  • Safe location and mounting options for your new EV charger based on your home, driveway/garage setup and the environment
  • Advice on how to get the best performance from your EV charger and tips to preserve its lifespan
  • Software options (available for some brands and models), how to use it to maximise efficiency and extra accessories you may need.

Charging cables and adapters are usually included by the manufacturer with your new EV charger. Manufacturer software is available with some brands and models.

EV charger installation day

So how long does EV charger installation take? Depending on the installation location/environment, the EV charger model and any required electrical upgrades, installation can be half to a full day. Our team will provide basic care tips for your EV charger and help set up your software, so you’re all good to start charging!

Tesla EV Charger Installation
Tesla EV charger installed in Brunswick heads by the ProSolar Team. View more projects on our Instagram page.

Premium EV charger brands

ProSolar trusts and recommends EV chargers manufactured by quality brands that produce well-designed charging products and accessories and provide good customer support and product warranties.

  • Fronius
  • Myenergi
  • Tesla
  • Solar Edge
  • Wallbox
  • SMA
  • Delta
  • EVOS
  • Fimmer
  • Ocular
  • Victron
  • Soltaro
  • Zappi

We’re passionate about providing quality, reliability, durability and performance when it comes to our EV charger installations. So we’re super selective about the brands we partner with. 

Solar EV charging

Solar-savvy models (such as Zappi and Solar Edge) are designed to be integrated into your existing solar system so you can automatically use available solar power to charge your EV. Using smartphone software you can also manage the solar and grid power consumption of your home appliances and your EV. 

We specialise in solar! Chat with our solar experts about your solar EV charger integration today.

Quality EV charger installation

As a qualified, licensed contractor, we understand the current electrical and safety regulations, compliance rules and environmental requirements applicable to EV charger installation. We know the correct process to fit EV chargers correctly and safely.

  • NSW Contractor Licence 354414C (A-Grade electrician)
  • Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) provided
  • Compliant with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018
  • New Energy Tech Approved Seller
  • Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer and Installer
  • Soltaro Approved Retailer and Installer
  • Tesla EV Charger Installer
  • Sonnen EV Charger Installer
  • 10-year workmanship warranty on all solar and battery systems
  • SolarQuotes Silver-Rated Supplier
  • Public Liability Insurance

All installations by ProSolar are compliant with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018, Electrical Installations. ProSolar is fully insured and a Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW) is provided for every job.

An EV charger installation is an investment in your biggest asset, your home! Get it done right, get ProSolar.

Taking care of locals 

ProSolar is an Australian-owned and operated business. We’re a local crew, with decades of experience and technical expertise in solar and electrical. We love being involved with and looking after our community by providing a personalised, local customer experience. It’s our priority to support clients from start to finish with a friendly, reliable and efficient service. 

Service Area 

We service the north coast of the Northern Rivers region and beyond, as far as the south end of the Gold Coast.

Need an EV charger installation in Lismore? We travel to Lismore! We also do EV charger installations in Casino and the surrounding suburbs.

Book your EV charger installation

At ProSolar, we listen and we take the time to ensure you get a quality, tailored EV charger installation with the features and performance you need. Our process is professional and easy, from start to finish. 

Contact ProSolar today on (02) 7912 0760 to organise a quote, book your installation or for some local, expert advice. 

Trust ProSolar

Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan
Great team and friendly service!
Alison Apps
Alison Apps
So happy with my new solar system. Just got my first electricity bill $34.58 compared to the $571 pre solar. Highly recommend this very professional friendly local company. Thank you ProSolar
Mitchell Bowmer
Mitchell Bowmer
Easiest property works experience I've ever had. From initial quote, to installation the ProSolar team were efficient, had incredible communication skills and are very reasonably priced. My only regret is not getting in touch with them sooner.
fisher babe
fisher babe
Great group of professional installers, friendly and helpful. Answered any questions I had. System works perfectly . Would recommend them without hesitation. Thank you
Angelo Amadori
Angelo Amadori
The entire process was worry free, quick and efficient with a price within our budget.
Bruce Long
Bruce Long
We are very happy with our new Solar installation from ProSolar. Ben explained all our questions thoroughly. The installation team were prompt, efficient and obliging.
Caroline Bamford
Caroline Bamford
Guys that came and did the install were amazing, and Ben who took me through the whole process before the install was awesome - he put up with my thousands of questions - would definitely recommend this company
Michelle Heuer
Michelle Heuer
I've been very impressed with the sales & service that ProSolar has provided from quote to installation was flawless & stressless. Ben & Adam were very easy to deal with & Ben is very responsive & available to answer any question or concern. Thanks team

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