Tesla Wall Charger installation: A comprehensive guide

Tesla wall charger installation

Checklist for a well-planned, safe installation at home

Installing a Tesla Wall Charger at home requires careful planning and consideration. As specialists in Tesla Wall Connector installations, we at ProSolar Australia have compiled essential tips and guidelines to help you make well-informed decisions for a seamless and safe installation process.

Choosing the right Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connectors, specifically designed for Tesla’s EV range, are available in ‘Gen 2’ and ‘Gen 3’ models. Each offers unique features and pricing, with detailed comparisons available on Tesla’s website. Cable lengths vary, with options of 2.6m for Gen 2 and 7.3m for both models, ensuring flexibility for different parking setups.

Tesla EV charger installation
Tesla EV charger installation NSW

Multiple Tesla owners

For households with more than one Tesla, consider installing multiple Tesla Wall Connectors. The Gen 3 model offers ‘power sharing’, allowing up to six units to distribute charging power efficiently among multiple vehicles.

Location considerations for installation

Selecting the ideal location for your Tesla Wall Connector is crucial. Consider the daily use of your Tesla, parking arrangements, and the car’s charge port location at the left-rear taillight. Ensure the charger is easily accessible and safe from potential hazards like heavy objects or traffic. Choose between indoor and outdoor setups, wall-mounted or pole-mounted solutions, depending on your space and requirements.

Understanding your electrical setup

Tesla Wall Connectors adapt to various power supplies. It’s vital to consult with a licensed electrician to assess your home’s electrical system and integrate the charger with existing setups, such as solar power systems.

Solar power integration

ProSolar Australia, can expertly connect your Tesla Wall Connector to your solar system, enhancing the eco-friendliness of your EV charging setup.

26kW of solar panels installed in Lennox Head NSW

Installation compliance and safety

In Australia, it’s legally required that all hard-wired electrical appliances, including Tesla Wall Connectors, be installed by Licensed Electricians. Ensure your installer is qualified and adheres to Australian Electrical Safety Standards and the Electrical Safety Act 1998, particularly AS/NZ3000 wiring regulations.

Why choose ProSolar Australia?

  • Licensed Electrical Practice with fully qualified electricians
  • Compliance with Australian Electrical Safety Standards
  • 12-month warranty on all electrical work
  • Police checked and insured
  • Licenced Contractor REC 354414C (A-Grade electricians)
  • Specialised in residential and commercial EV charger installations in the Northern Rivers area to QLD

The installation process

Typically, a Tesla Wall Charger installation takes a full day, with more complex projects spanning a few days. Your technician will inspect and potentially upgrade your switchboard to ensure it’s compliant and optimised for your new Tesla Wall Connector.

Tesla EV Charger Installation
Tesla EV charger installed in Brunswick heads by the ProSolar Team. View more projects on our Instagram page.

Ready to charge

ProSolar Australia is dedicated to providing top-quality installations, mirroring Tesla’s high standards. Contact us for an obligation-free Tesla Wall Charger installation quote and schedule a site visit at your convenience. Your Tesla deserves the best, and we are here to deliver it.


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